Lme x jmpe..haha rindu tahap gaban..so today i want to talk about my sightseeing for the half day today

i think at 2 pm me also my family went to our cousin.we use to be there coz of our aunt came and today she returned to her hometown at terengganu.before that,her daughter will married i think about 3 weeks from today..not sure bout this..but the reason they came was to make preparation for kak long (aunt's daughter).and their colour theme is between white,chocolate n a little bit of gold..

so my aunt off at about 3 pm..after that we me,mama,aunt siti n kak long also kak tasya disscused about flower girl and there were me,my sis,kak tasya also kak aien..

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comWe will wear baju kurung and hold a bunch of cream coloured flowers that made by our aunt siti..ok stop about my kak long's wedding..

we change to our sightseeing at JUSCO AEON BUKIT TINGGI..
there me also mama go to NICHI..we bought 4 clothes and we went for eating at food court.we tried their chicken chop.we continued our journey went to bata to buy my bro and sis school shoes..and the last one me and sis went to popular .we bought 2 english novels and the tittle were :-

-star crazy me written by jean ure (224 pgs)
-winter girl written by laurie halse anderson
SORRY NO PICTURE (mls nk upload)

we in process reading them...so we went back home about seven pm..

okeyh only this for today..nothing much to write..see ya!!

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